Home, Taoist Home!

Ukrainian student Ivan described my place Taoist home. How correct he is!
As a matter of fact , 道家 literally can be Taoist home.
Once, as I, together with other few students, was on a bus coming back from Purple Heaven Palace for lunch.
I was asked a question by one of the passengers in the bus. The question was:
你出家了吗? which means : have you renounced your family?
It’s sort of a dilemma question ~ if i say yes, I still have family; if I say no, I have been practicing Taoism and disseminating Taoist culture for years ….
Just then, the bus reached behind my Taoist home and we must get off and it gave me opportunity to present my wit, saying to the driver and to the man who asked me and to all those people who are curious about Taoist life:
” I have come out of home and now back home. Driver, we will get off.”

Taoism helps us to find ourselves so we know where we are. we are in calm state of mind. We find home here ~ this is Taoist home!