2019 Workshop Tour to Europe

The flight ticket to Europe has been purchased!
October 16,2019 is to see my journey to the west by air ! From central China’s Wuhan City to London!
The duration in England is from October 16 to November 6. After that , possibly, i will be invited to Portugal,
Sweden and Germany. But not 100% decided yet. All those institutions or individuals who are interested in Taoist wellness and culture workshop, please contact me at wudangshining@gmail.com.
How about the class going on during my absence from Wudang? Well, i have very good assistant teacher like Ivan.As a European, he speaks good English, which helps giving class; as a learner and researcher of nearly 10 years, he is good enough to give instruction to others. He has a special way to make his illustration attractive and each understood.
If you come during the time i am abroad, i agree for discounted price to certain degree.
By the way, WTWA is going to be expanded and renovated . Await!

Tips For Visa

1.If possible, please obtain X type visa (student visa) as one of the steps for your preparation to come to China.
2.If you have obtained other than X type visa, you are requested to change other type visa to X type within one week;
3. If your visa is about to expired, you must be cautious : with WTWA’s help, you go timely to the Foreign Affairs Administration affiliated to local Public Security Bureau to renew it. Usually 7 to 10 days ahead of the expired date.

(It happened previously to somebody who had not changed type of visa timely and failed to continue his stay. He had to go out of China, on a trip to nearby Thailand, and obtained visa for another entry )

Home, Taoist Home!

Ukrainian student Ivan described my place Taoist home. How correct he is!
As a matter of fact , 道家 literally can be Taoist home.
Once, as I, together with other few students, was on a bus coming back from Purple Heaven Palace for lunch.
I was asked a question by one of the passengers in the bus. The question was:
你出家了吗? which means : have you renounced your family?
It’s sort of a dilemma question ~ if i say yes, I still have family; if I say no, I have been practicing Taoism and disseminating Taoist culture for years ….
Just then, the bus reached behind my Taoist home and we must get off and it gave me opportunity to present my wit, saying to the driver and to the man who asked me and to all those people who are curious about Taoist life:
” I have come out of home and now back home. Driver, we will get off.”

Taoism helps us to find ourselves so we know where we are. we are in calm state of mind. We find home here ~ this is Taoist home!

" Are You A Taoist? "

Are you a Taoist?
If you are asked such a question, you might feel surprised: why? Why should you ask me such a question? How can I be a Taoist? You take it for granted that Taoists are a type of people living in China and a small number of people…
修道 xiudao means to cultivate Tao or Taoist cultivation. Most people would not think themselves as Taoist cultivators. They would say, without any hesitation, that they haven’t cultivated and won’t in future.
As a matter of fact, you can be a Taoist ( or Daoist ). Well, if we change “to cultivate Tao” with “ to obtain happiness”, i mean if I ask you “ do you like to obtain happiness? “ You would again without any hesitation say “ Of course, i like to have happiness!”
That’s the point! Don’t think of Taoist people too mystic; they are simply exploring one important issue: how to live long and well! What they practise, Tai chi or Taiji, Chi Kung or Qi Gong, meditation, however you call it, is simply for physical and spiritual cultivation.
Are you a Taoist?
If this question is raised to me, my answer is a “nes” one: half yes half no. I am not a Taoist and I am a Taoist. You know, i am not a temple Taoist. I am a martial Taoist and philosophical one.
In the Taoist circle or within the Taoist gate ( here i mean more the Temple Taoists) they say:
下士烧香,中士修道,上士弘道。Xiashi shaoxiang, zhongshi xiudao, shangshi hongdao.
The lower level Taoists simply burn incense; middle level cultivate Taoism; high level spread Taoism.
Me the Poor Taoist, based on Mt. Wudang, have been practising Taoism and promoting it. Please judge whether i am a Taoist :)

Master Gu sitting meditation on Mt. Wudang in central China.

Master Gu sitting meditation on Mt. Wudang in central China.

British Workshop Visit October, 2019!

I’m very excited about the travel to the United Kingdom to be in October, 2019!
Having visited such countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine, i finally embrace the chance to visit England, the origin of the English language!
Thanks to my parents’s hard work, i was able to enter university and learned English. Now i have been celebrated as one of the few English speaking martial artists and Taoist scholars. i feel honored to be ambassador between Wudang and the world!

I’m expecting to share the Taoist wisdom with people from all over the world. London is one center for the world and I’m sure this can be a great chance for many to listen to the voice from the Taoist circle!
Thanks to Curt, George and many other Taoist fans without whose support all this is impossible! By the end of this week, the detailed time will come out. And i will inform in website to those who mean to come to Wudang to learn from me. I’m not available for two or three weeks in October.
Actually, this year, our teaching team become bigger!!! So if you already decide to come in October or including October, just still come!



Thanks to the precious help of British student Ryan and Ukrainian student Ivan, I can make my website more active and dynamic. I hope, through this blog, i can offer more up to date information from me as a person, WTWA as an institution and Wudangshan as a place from China. Thank you for reading!