British Workshop Visit October, 2019!

I’m very excited about the travel to the United Kingdom to be in October, 2019!
Having visited such countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine, i finally embrace the chance to visit England, the origin of the English language!
Thanks to my parents’s hard work, i was able to enter university and learned English. Now i have been celebrated as one of the few English speaking martial artists and Taoist scholars. i feel honored to be ambassador between Wudang and the world!

I’m expecting to share the Taoist wisdom with people from all over the world. London is one center for the world and I’m sure this can be a great chance for many to listen to the voice from the Taoist circle!
Thanks to Curt, George and many other Taoist fans without whose support all this is impossible! By the end of this week, the detailed time will come out. And i will inform in website to those who mean to come to Wudang to learn from me. I’m not available for two or three weeks in October.
Actually, this year, our teaching team become bigger!!! So if you already decide to come in October or including October, just still come!