2019 Workshop Tour to Europe

The flight ticket to Europe has been purchased!
October 16,2019 is to see my journey to the west by air ! From central China’s Wuhan City to London!
The duration in England is from October 16 to November 6. After that , possibly, i will be invited to Portugal,
Sweden and Germany. But not 100% decided yet. All those institutions or individuals who are interested in Taoist wellness and culture workshop, please contact me at wudangshining@gmail.com.
How about the class going on during my absence from Wudang? Well, i have very good assistant teacher like Ivan.As a European, he speaks good English, which helps giving class; as a learner and researcher of nearly 10 years, he is good enough to give instruction to others. He has a special way to make his illustration attractive and each understood.
If you come during the time i am abroad, i agree for discounted price to certain degree.
By the way, WTWA is going to be expanded and renovated . Await!